Voting 10x Impact

Voting – Make Your Vote Count 10x, 20x or More

Vote in Local Elections and Primaries – Have 10x Impact

Do you want to make your vote count 10x more?   Here is one way.

Vote in the primaries of your local election. Your vote actually counts significantly more in a primary – almost 10x more –  because less people vote.

In fact only 2% of the citizens of a city vote in a primary for local elections.  Primaries are where the best candidates can be chosen and advanced.

Think of it this way.  TWO PERCENT of the Citizens in the City can control the Destiny of the City!

Voting in primaries and local elections is a huge area for people of faith to be “salt and light” to their culture.  They can determine the direction of the city for years to come as it establishes the current governing authority, but can set a trajectory for the future as well.

Voting, therefore, is the most leveraged “salt and light” activity a person can be involved in as they express their beliefs and their faith by being a “steward of their vote”


How to Make Your Vote Have – 20x and Greater Impact

  • Host a Voter Registration drive at your local church or group
  • Use the Church Voter Tool to see what percent of your congregation voted in the last election
  • Distribute Voter Guides
  • Vote in the primaries for your local elections
  • Inform and Motivate two family members to vote
  • Use your Social Network to Inspire friends to vote
  • Raise Awareness for election in a Church Sunday School or local community group
  • Use the videos from this site to lead a Christian Citizenship Course
  • Share this site and its videos via Social Media
  • Download the Second Vote App to your phone and avoid businesses that don’t align to your values
  • Ignore the propaganda of local and national media