This site is designed to transform a citizens’ view of how they are to be a careful steward of their vote for themselves, their neighbors and for future generations.

Voting is One of the Most Leveraged “Salt and Light” Activities You Can Be Involved In

People of faith have been deceived when it comes to the teaching of being “salt and light” to the world.    We have been led to compartmentalize this concept.   We have self-limited being  “salt and light” to one of three things – 1) living as a person of character, 2) showing acts of compassion, or 3) verbally sharing our faith.

But what if there was a “salt and light” activity that literally could change the atmosphere of the city or community in which you live?   What if this activity only took an hour of your time once a year?

Voting (particularly in local elections) is just that kind of activity.

A Cities Political and School Board leadership can set the whole atmosphere of the city.

The citizens either live in peace and can live out their faith and beliefs OR the citizens can find they are trying to live their life and constantly wasting a ton of time engaging in cultural battles around social, economic and other issues.

Think of the difference.  An hour of time each year to get informed and be a “steward of your vote” verses hours upon hours of time being anxious about and/or engaging your City Leadership, your School Board, and your Local Officials on cultural and social issues that undermine the moral character of your community and undermine the belief system of the majority of the citizens.

This makes informed VOTING THE MOST HIGHLY LEVERAGED “salt and light” activity you can be involved in.   In less than one hour each year, you can set the whole atmosphere for the city.   Now that is having a cultural impact.


Civics vs. Politics – Understanding the Difference

Here is a key concept that everyone that wants to make a difference must understand – there is a big difference between Civics and Politics in this day and age.  It is critical that the transformational citizen know the difference as this short video explains.


Being a Steward of Your Vote – Key Video Elements

There are over 30 educational and inspiring videos on this website to help people see the calling they have to be “A Steward of their Vote”.    Here is a key subset of those videos to get you started.


“An Organized Minority Will Always Rule Over an Unorganized Majority.”