Generic Party Platforms

This unique presentation of Generic Party Platforms is an effort to get people thinking about their own values and their own view of the world and how it should impact their choices when it comes to their civic involvement.  This tool avoids the use of any political parties names, so it really opens discussion quickly without causing a person to put self imposed “walls up” in their heart or mind.

If serious citizens of the United States would just step back from the daily media deluge and the party propaganda that pervades our modern culture and just would think about their values and what they truly believe, it could lead to a revolution in thinking.

Many people are controlled politically because they have been divided into groups and then they are told that they need to believe exactly what the group thinks.   This is a recipe for disaster and for civic ignorance.

Please use this tool for yourself and with others to really drill down to what you believe at the core and then find candidates for office that align with your beliefs no matter what political party they are apart of.

A Generic Comparison of Party Policies, and Practices – Condensed 2 Page Summary – pdf

A Generic Comparison of Party Policies, and Practices – Extended 6 Page Edition– pdf

These images below are a PNG version of the 2 page summary PDF that you can download above.